Splashing down moss-tarnished steps

It falls, the water;

And the air is throbbing with it.

With its gurgling and running.

With its leaping, and deep, cool murmur.

And I wished for night and you.

I wanted to see you in the swimming-pool,

White and shining in the silver-flecked water.

While the moon rode over the garden,

High in the arch of night,

And the scent of the lilacs was heavy with stillness.

Night, and the water, and you in your whiteness, bathing!

A Tulip Garden

Guarded within the old red wall's embrace,

Marshalled like soldiers in gay company,

The tulips stand arrayed. Here infantry

Wheels out into the sunlight. What bold grace

Sets off their tunics, white with crimson lace!

Here are platoons of gold-frocked cavalry,

With scarlet sabres tossing in the eye

Of purple batteries, every gun in place.

Forward they come, with flaunting colours spread,

With torches burning, stepping out in time

To some quick, unheard march. Our ears are dead,

We cannot catch the tune. In pantomime

Parades that army. With our utmost powers

We hear the wind stream through a bed of flowers.

[End of original text.]


After Hearing a Waltz by Bartok:

Originally: After Hearing a Waltz by Bartok:

A Blockhead:

"There are non, ever. As a monk who prays"

changed to:

"There are none, ever. As a monk who prays"

A Tale of Starvation:

"And he neither eat nor drank."

changed to:

"And he neither ate nor drank."

The Great Adventure of Max Breuck:

Stanza headings were originally Roman Numerals.

The Book of Hours of Sister Clotilde:

The following names are presented in this etext sans accents:

Marguerite, Angelique, Veronique, Franc,ois.

The following unconnected lines in the etext are presented sans accents:

The factory of Sevres had lent

Strange winged dragons writhe about

And rich perfumed smells

A faery moonshine washing pale the crowds

Our eyes will close to undisturbed rest.

And terror-winged steps. His heart began

On the striped ground

Some books by Amy Lowell:


A Critical Fable

* A Dome of Many-Coloured Glass (1912)

* Sword Blades and Poppy Seed (1914)

* Men, Women and Ghosts (1916)

Can Grande's Castle (1918)

Pictures of the Floating World (1919)

Legends (1921)

What's O'Clock (1925)

East Wind

Ballads For Sale

(In collaboration with Florence Ayscough)

Fir-Flower Tablets: Poems Translated from the Chinese (1921)


John Keats

Six French Poets: Studies in Contemporary Literature (1915)

Tendencies in Modern American Poetry (1917)

* Now available online from Project Gutenberg.

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