Such serious questions bringing,

That merry rascal Solomon

Would show a sober face:--

And then again Pavlova

To set our spirits singing,

The snowy-swan bacchante

All glamour, glee and grace.

IV. In Praise of Gloriana's Remarkable Golden Hair

The gleaming head of one fine friend

Is bent above my little song,

So through the treasure-pits of Heaven

In fancy's shoes, I march along.

I wander, seek and peer and ponder

In Splendor's last ensnaring lair--

'Mid burnished harps and burnished crowns

Where noble chariots gleam and flare:

Amid the spirit-coins and gems,

The plates and cups and helms of fire--

The gorgeous-treasure-pits of Heaven--

Where angel-misers slake desire!

O endless treasure-pits of gold

Where silly angel-men make mirth--

I think that I am there this hour,

Though walking in the ways of earth!

Fourth Section ~~ Twenty Poems in which the Moon is the Principal Figure of Speech

Once More--To Gloriana

Girl with the burning golden eyes,

And red-bird song, and snowy throat:

I bring you gold and silver moons

And diamond stars, and mists that float.

I bring you moons and snowy clouds,

I bring you prairie skies to-night

To feebly praise your golden eyes

And red-bird song, and throat so white.

First Section: Moon Poems for the Children/Fairy-tales for the Children

I. Euclid

Old Euclid drew a circle

On a sand-beach long ago.

He bounded and enclosed it

With angles thus and so.

His set of solemn greybeards

Nodded and argued much

Of arc and of circumference,

Diameter and such.

A silent child stood by them

From morning until noon

Because they drew such charming

Round pictures of the moon.

II. The Haughty Snail-king

(What Uncle William told the Children)

Twelve snails went walking after night.

They'd creep an inch or so,

Then stop and bug their eyes

And blow.

Some folks... are... deadly... slow.

Twelve snails went walking yestereve,

Led by their fat old king.

They were so dull their princeling had

No sceptre, robe or ring--

Only a paper cap to wear

When nightly journeying.

This king-snail said: "I feel a thought

Within.... It blossoms soon....

O little courtiers of mine,...

I crave a pretty boon....

Oh, yes... (High thoughts with effort come

And well-bred snails are ALMOST dumb.)

"I wish I had a yellow crown

As glistering... as... the moon."

III. What the Rattlesnake Said

The moon's a little prairie-dog.

He shivers through the night.

He sits upon his hill and cries

For fear that _I_ will bite.

The sun's a broncho. He's afraid

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