The Jingo and the Minstrel

I Heard Immanuel Singing

Second Section


An Argument

A Rhyme about an Electrical Advertising Sign

In Memory of a Child

Galahad, Knight Who Perished

The Leaden-eyed

An Indian Summer Day on the Prairie

The Hearth Eternal

The Soul of the City Receives the Gift of the Holy Spirit

By the Spring, at Sunset

I Went down into the Desert

Love and Law

The Perfect Marriage

Darling Daughter of Babylon

The Amaranth

The Alchemist's Petition

Two Easter Stanzas

The Traveller-heart

The North Star Whispers to the Blacksmith's Son

Third Section

A Miscellany called "the Christmas Tree"

This Section is a Christmas Tree

The Sun Says his Prayers

Popcorn, Glass Balls, and Cranberries (As it were)

I. The Lion

II. An Explanation of the Grasshopper

III. The Dangerous Little Boy Fairies

IV. The Mouse that gnawed the Oak-tree Down

V. Parvenu

VI. The Spider and the Ghost of the Fly

VII. Crickets on a Strike

How a Little Girl Danced

In Praise of Songs that Die

Factory Windows are always Broken

To Mary Pickford

Blanche Sweet


An Apology for the Bottle Volcanic

When Gassy Thompson Struck it Rich

Rhymes for Gloriana

I. The Doll upon the Topmost Bough

II. On Suddenly Receiving a Curl Long Refused

III. On Receiving One of Gloriana's Letters

IV. In Praise of Gloriana's Remarkable Golden Hair

Fourth Section

Twenty Poems in which the Moon is the Principal Figure of Speech

Once More--To Gloriana

First Section: Moon Poems for the Children/Fairy-tales for the Children

I. Euclid

II. The Haughty Snail-king

III. What the Rattlesnake Said

IV. The Moon's the North Wind's Cooky

V. Drying their Wings

VI. What the Gray-winged Fairy Said

VII. Yet Gentle will the Griffin Be

Second Section: The Moon is a Mirror

I. Prologue. A Sense of Humor

II. On the Garden-wall

III. Written for a Musician

IV. The Moon is a Painter

V. The Encyclopaedia

VI. What the Miner in the Desert Said

VII. What the Coal-heaver Said

VIII. What the Moon Saw

IX. What Semiramis Said

X. What the Ghost of the Gambler Said

XI. The Spice-tree

XII. The Scissors-grinder

XIII. My Lady in her White Silk Shawl

XIV. Aladdin and the Jinn

XV. The Strength of the Lonely

Fifth Section

War. September 1, 1914

Intended to be Read Aloud

I. Abraham Lincoln Walks at Midnight

II. A Curse for Kings

III. Who Knows?

IV. To Buddha

V. The Unpardonable Sin

VI. Above the Battle's Front

VII. Epilogue. Under the Blessing of Your Psyche Wings

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